"Can i recite this incantation to unleash an unspeakable evil?" spoken from a cute kid in my car speakers. I was driving in my car today and i heard that funny commercial on the radio. No one was in the car with me and i let out a loud guffaw. It echoed in my small sedan and i blushed as i glanced around at my fellow drivers wondering if they heard it. That's made me wonder, why do we laugh? We don't just do it to appease a jokester, because we may laugh when no else can hear it. After some pondering on my dashboard i realized why we laugh. We don't laugh for other people, we laugh for ourselves. Laughter is the mind forcing the body to action which in turn helps the mind. That's just like exercise!
Laughter releases endorphins into the body which help to relieve stress and makes us feel good. A good chuckle is an affective antidepressant. But laughter does more than just help the mind. Laughing can improve the immune system, promote fat loss and increase lean muscle development. Laughter increases our metabolism, improves our mood and makes us more healthy.
So find a joke, and let out a laugh! Both your body and mind will thank you!