About XLR8 Fitness and Counseling (XLR8 Therapy)

About XLR8 Fitness and Counseling (XLR8 Therapy)

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aging is getting old!!!!

Today is my birthday.  I am not putting an exclamation mark at the end of that last sentence, because birthdays are starting to become a “getting older recognition” day.  Aging sucks.  I know I shouldn’t gripe about while I’m still young.  Because I am young! I hear people close to my age saying that they can’t do an activity because “I’m getting older,” or “I’m too old for that.”  I see that thinking lead to friends my age looking like they are twenty years my senior now.   It’s sad seeing people letting age affect them. 
                I refuse to say how old I am.  Age is just a number, and I hope to feel 24 for the rest of my life (I’m older than that).  I love people guessing my age and being way off on the younger side.  I don’t mind people thinking I’m a teenager.   I am young!
                Whenever I feel old I’m glad I have the option of looking into the mirror and seeing how young I am.  I’m glad I’ve kept myself in shape and it’s hard to tell how old I am with the different pictures.

13 years ago

8 years ago

5 years ago

It's nice looking at these pictures.  I haven't gotten older, i've gotten stronger.  But it hasn't been easy.  I’ve had injuries and setbacks.  I’ve spent months in hospitals and even longer barely able to walk.  I know what it is like to live in a wheel chair, depend on a walker, to hobble on a cane.  I know it was just a taste of decrepitation, but I never want to feel that way again. 
I was young but I felt so old.  I’ve seen highschool friends age too quickly because of lifestyle choices.  We can grow old quickly by the choices we make, but the same can be said as we age.   It doesn’t matter how old we are we can still be young.  Here is a perfect example:

100-year-old man completes Toronto waterfront marathon - CityNews

We are all young, no matter what our age is.  Never act your age, act how young you want to be!