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About XLR8 Fitness and Counseling (XLR8 Therapy)

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Drunk driving

Going through some old writings and I came across this poem.  I deal a lot with substance abuse and DUIs.  One of the first thing that drugs affect is our perception.  Suddenly we have trouble perceiving if our own actions are safe and and beneficial. With a loss of perception we think that driving drunk is not that bad.  Alcohol in the system affects motor control.  Reflexes are slowed, but with perception gone, the drunk driver doesn't even notice or care... until it's too late.


It started with just a drink
And more than one he did not think
Only two roads his glass did know
Pass out by poison or out of control
He chose the last, he stayed awake
But that could have been a big mistake
For passed out people cannot drive
And he would still be alive
With alcohol swimming through his blood
He left that place he left for good
He got into a weapon his car
But speeding and swerving he wasn’t far
When cutting through the sweet dark night
Flashing, screaming, red and blue lights
His beer soaked brain said not to stop
He thought it better to ditch the cop
His car speed up his actions slowed
And then his car left the road
His eyes were numb he could not see
He carved his death into a tree