Weight loss therapy

 Many people say that they have tried everything to lose weight, but often obesity is a symptom of something else, something in the mind.  Trauma, depression, anxiety, abuse, and grief are just a few of the many psychological disorders that could lead to obesity.  Yet few people have thought to help their mind help their body.  They try to treat symptoms without attacking the source of the problem.  They work and work on their body, but the unhealed mind is underneath the visible problems.  They wonder why nothing helps get their body better when they never try to attack the cause of their obesity – their mind.  Few people have tried therapy.  The reason for their weight gain may not be in their body but in the body’s brain, yet they never try to treat that pink thing in their head.
There is one thing that can improve your chance of success more than anything else in your weight loss goals: It’s sitting down and talking to a therapist.  A therapist can help to find and address the possible reasons for overeating.  They can help discover motivation to succeed and help to remove mental roadblocks that detoured them toward dead-ends in the past.  
Therapy can actually help you lose more weight.   Attacking a problem from all sides improves your chance of success.  Some people try to lose weight only by diet, others only by exercise.  Yes you can succeed but it is a lot harder.  Those who are most likely to succeed in their weight goals attack the problem from every angle they can, including their mind.