The XLR8 Advantage

There is a lot of research going into the XLR8 Program.  Utilizing the latest research, I have created a therapeutic tool that incorporates physical exercises to assist in the treatment of mental health issues.  This program is called Cognitive Physical Conditioning (CPC) and is only offered at XLR8 Therapy.  CPC can benefit a client by helping their body to heal from hormone and neuro-chemical deficiencies caused by their disorder.  This program has had incredible results both in a treatment setting and in homes.  CPC can improve clients’ ability to overcome mental disorders and nearly double their chance of success (from 57% after 18 months to 91% in only 8 months).  It is also an incredible tool that reduces relapse by 28%; both cognitive and physical.  These methods are so efficient they also reduce treatment length by 30%.

This means that CPC can help an addict recover quickly and completely and be less likely to fall back into addiction.  This means that a person who comes to XLR8 Therapy to shed the pounds is likely to lose nearly twice as much weight over the best fitness methods, lose the weight faster, and more likely to keep the weight off.  This means someone who is experiencing symptoms of PTSD can have a much better chance to be free of these symptoms in less time in treatment, and a reduced chance of having the symptoms return.