About XLR8 Fitness and Counseling (XLR8 Therapy)

About XLR8 Fitness and Counseling (XLR8 Therapy)

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XLR8 22 Change

XLR8 22 Change
XLR8 Veterans is proud to announce "XLR8 22 Change" to help raise awareness to the struggles our veterans face in transitioning back to civilian life.  One of the biggest challenges that our military personnel face is the transition out of the military and back into the civilian world.  In the military you have the closest friends you may ever find.  You have a support system for anything from spiritual issues, legal mistakes, financial problems, and even family struggles.  Your food, clothes, and housing are also provided for you. 
But that all disappears when you get out.  Instead of sustainment and comradery, you are alone and unsupported. Suddenly instead of your job experience getting you promoted, your military job experience is irrelevant and can’t get you a job.  Instead of goals, schedules and incentives to remain physically fit, you lose a large part of your motivation to even be healthy. 
 You try to make new friends, but they don’t get your humor, understand your stories, or share your interests.  You try different activities, but they don’t have the same thrill as what you did in the military.
This difficulty transitioning out of the military is a huge underlining reason for the high suicide rate, homelessness, and addiction among those who have served our country.
                There are many Veteran groups, programs, and supports available to help those struggling with this difficult change.  But these programs can almost always use more funding and support.  So, I am inviting the world experience what it is like to be stuck wearing to different kinds of shoes in life and to help XLR8 Veteran Change by donating 22 coins to a veteran program.  A little bit of pocket change can help accelerate change for those who deserve it the most!

Ways to help:
Raise awareness and donate
Post a picture wearing two different kinds of shoes with the hashtag #XLR822change.  donate and post to a veteran's resource.

Accept the challenge
With different kinds of footwear (i.e. a boot and shoe, or a shoe and barefoot), do 22 grapevine steps left and right in under 22 seconds.  If you fail the challenge, donate 22 coins to a veteran organization.  Post your video of the challenge online with the hashtag #XLR822change.  Don't forget to challenge your friends!

Try the double dare
With different kinds of footwear then the first challenge, do 22 steps in each direction (22 steps left, right, forward, back) in under 22 seconds.  If you fail the challenge by failing to do it in time or you fall, double your donated amount.  Post your video of the challenge online with the hashtag #XLR822change challenge your friends to see if they can complete the double dare!