About XLR8 Fitness and Counseling (XLR8 Therapy)

About XLR8 Fitness and Counseling (XLR8 Therapy)

  What is XLR8 Fitness and Counseling On top of regular talk therapy, XLR8 Fitness and Counseling specialized in incorporating physical fitn...



  • Gym Membership discounts:
    • 5% off total cost of gym membership or personal training for paying 6 months up front.  Can be combined with other offers
    • 10% off gym membership if also enrolled into personal training, physical therapy, or nutrition consulting.  Cannot be combined with other offers.
    • 10% off gym membership if you refer a friend who signs up for any service.  Limitations apply.  Cannot be combined with other offers.
    • 25% off gym membership if enrolled into Mental Health Therapy.  Cannot be combined with other offers.

  • Personal Training discounts:
    • 50% off Personal Training session for personal training once per week.  Additional sessions are at full cost.  This discount is for anyone enrolled in therapy, current or past military personnel, first responders, mental health counselors, and teachers!
    • Other Personal Training Discounts are available if you purchase a personal training package.

  • Nutrition Discounts
    • Go to organifishop.com and use the code NATHANP15XLR8 to save 15% on your order.  If you subscribe to monthly delivery you get an extra 15% off.  Using my code on top of the monthly delivery, you can save 30% on your order!
    • Go to strikeforceenergy.com and use the promo code: AFLNATHAN3885 to receive a 20% discount!
    • Go to builtbar.com and use promo code: XLR8 to recieve 10% off your entire order!

  • Mental Health Counseling Discount:
    • XLR8 therapy offers a sliding scale payment option for low income families paying out-of-pocket for mental health counseling.  Cannot be combined with other offers.

  • Military/first-responder Discount:
    • 25% off gym memberships, out-of-pocket mental health counseling, and personal training for military and first responders and immediate family members (Proof of service/relationship must be provided). Cannot be combined with other offers.

  • Personal Training packages (Discounts already factored in):

  • CPC workout plan.  For $399/ month, meet with both a personal trainer and mental health therapist for an assessment.  From there we will collaborate and create a personalize workout plan designed to improve you mind, body, and eating habits.  You will also receive weekly sessions with the therapist and weekly personal training. A $700 dollar value!  Save an extra 5% by paying 6 months up front.   (ask us how insurance and/or HSA can pay for this package)

  • The XLR8 Body Makeover!  This amazing life-changing program includes:
·         A professional "before" photo shoot. 

·         6 months of weekly personal training with one of our CPC trained Certified Personal Trainers.

·         6 months of weekly gym attendance in our XLR8 private gym.

·         A professional "after" photo shoot.

        And your choice of one of the following (each additional service is $249):
·         1 extra day of weekly gym attendance (two days at the gym instead of one).

·         3 talk therapy sessions.

·         3 Month supply of our preferred nutrient-dense meal replacement shakes (chocolate or vanilla).

·         9 therapeutic massages (30-minutes each) from CSC Physical Therapy.

·         A professional video documenting your XLR8 journey.

·         Have a workout partner join you in your journey.  By splitting the cost with your friend, you could cut your cost in half!

All this for Only $1999!  This package would cost you over $2600 if you purchased everything separately. Check out the XLR8 Body Makeover page!


  • Ask ask us how insurance and/or HSA can pay for part or all of the services offered by XLR8 Fitness and Counseling

  • Bring one workout friend to your scheduled gym time for free!  Getting a friend to commit with you can help motivate you to success in your fitness goals.  And if the friend is willing to split the cost, this makes your gym membership even cheaper.
More to come!