XLR8 Body Makeover

Whether you are looking to:
       - Finally stop the cycle of failed attempts
         to get the body you want
       - Impress your friends with a fitter you.
       - Surprise a spouse or family member
         who has been serving out of town
       - Be ready for your favorite dress, swimsuit, or style
       - Shed the pounds for a special occasion
  The XLR8 Body Makeover is for you!

The most efficient, proven aspects of XLR8 Fitness and Counseling have been combined into one mind-blowing, body-blasting package!  It's called the XLR8 Body Makeover. Everything about this program is designed with your success in mind.  Not only are you more likely to blow away your fitness goals in faster time, you are more likely to keep the weight off.

This amazing life-changing program includes:
  • A professional "before" photo shoot.  
  • 6 months of weekly personal training with one of our CPC trained Certified Personal Trainers.
  • 6 months of weekly gym attendance in our XLR8 private gym.
  • A professional "after" photo shoot.
  • And your choice of one of the following (each additional service is $249):
    • 1 extra day of weekly gym attendance (two days at the gym instead of one).
    • 3 talk therapy sessions.
    • 3 Month supply of our preferred nutrient-dense meal replacement shakes (chocolate or vanilla).
    • 5 Nutrition consults with Think Fit, LLC
    • 9 therapeutic massages (30-minutes each) from CSC Physical Therapy.
    • A professional video documenting your XLR8 journey.
    • Have a workout partner join you in your journey.  By splitting the cost with your friend, you could cut your cost in half!

All this for Only $1999!  This package would cost you over $2600 if you purchased everything separately.  Join now to change your life in 6 months!

(Military Discount applicable)