Leaving your life up to chance

A person smokes for 10 years and doesn’t get cancer. They’ve been rolling the barrel and lucked out the bullet wasn’t in the chamber. Another lived a lazy and unhealthy lifestyle and died in his twenties from a heart attack. He wasn’t so lucky in his game of Russian roulette.
You may wear a seat belt for your entire life and never have a need of it. One the other hand how will it affect your life the moment of a serious accident? You may be able to limp your life treating your body as trash, but then again, your organs can only take it for so long. You never know when your choices end up putting you into your grave.
By making poor health choices you enter into a dangerous game. You may be one of the lucky ones who keep pulling the trigger only to hear the click of an empty chamber. You may be able to live an at-risk life and survive. But in the end you just got lucky. If you keep living that life you’re just keeping the gun at your forehead and pulling the trigger.
Why take the risk? Get the gun out of your face and take out the one bullet in your life.