About XLR8 Fitness and Counseling (XLR8 Therapy)

About XLR8 Fitness and Counseling (XLR8 Therapy)

  What is XLR8 Fitness and Counseling On top of regular talk therapy, XLR8 Fitness and Counseling specialized in incorporating physical fitn...

End the Excuses, Start the Change

I just had my ten year high school reunion, and i worked to loose a few vanity pounds so that i could look like I've improved after graduation, not digressed. It's only been ten years, i shouldn't look middle aged already. It's sad to see friends who appear twice as old as when they were when they graduated. How will they look at the next ten year reunion?

Do you want your old friends to think how sad you've become? Do you want friends to have trouble recognizing you because your body is in such bad shape? Do you want others to sigh when they see you?
Do you want to still turn peoples heads. Do you want people to over guess your age? Do you want to show up to a ten-year reunion like you just graduated from high school? Do you want to make old crushes jealous for turning you down?

Years of inactivity can be changed with the first day in the right direction.
Why do people get out of shape? The answer is simple: lifestyle. It’s an obvious answer; those with an active lifestyle have better bodies. If you want the most out of your body, adjust your lifestyle.
Many people can’t even remember the last time they did something physically demanding. Others who can remember can look at their body and realize that their body doesn’t. While others can remember every January making the new years resolution to lose weight, only to forget it until next year.
Some people complain that it’s not a matter of having the time to train, but of having enough energy. They are too tired at the end of the day to do a workout. Or they don’t have enough energy in the morning. This excuse is like saying “I’m too hungry to eat.” To get energy to workout, you need to workout. Working out fires up the engines to use energy. The problem is not having enough energy, the problem is the furnace that burns the energy needs to be turned on. If you exercise, you will soon find that not only do you have enough energy to workout, but you will experience more energy through out the day, because your furnace – your muscles – is engaged to burn energy in your daily tasks.
The hardest thing in any task is often the first step. Going from a lifetime on the couch to a gym V.I.P. is a life change. That is a giant leap of lifestyle transformation and a difficult if attempted all at once. It is often believed that that is what needs to be done to loose weight, but getting started is so much easier.
It can start with one exercise. It could be something simple that doesn’t require a wardrobe change, turning on the DVD player, or setting up equipment. It doesn’t have to cause a sweat nor require a shower afterwards. It doesn’t even need to take up a minute of your time, and can be when you wake up, go to sleep, or have some spare time (like when you’re sitting on a couch). Doing thirty crunches a day while watching television can be this simple start.
A core workout is a Endurance exercise and will slim down the body, but what if a person wants to bulk up or focus on a problem area? Then just add another simple exercise or add more sets to the one currently done. This process can continue, and before you know it, you are able to buy the gym VIP and have the body to match because of the start of a couple minutes a day at home in front of your couch.
Time is what you make of it. If your day becomes busier and you don’t have the couple minutes of time (though be honest) then the workout can be shortened, but remember to make a difference in your body, a workout needs to be multiple times a week.
It doesn’t have to be a set time. If you’re walking around with some time to spare “drop down and give me twenty”. It can be when or where ever (avoid be so public that people would trip on you when you’re doing your crunches) and after the workout you can continue doing what ever it was. You only need a minute or so break. Imagine the workout you would receive exercising during the commercial breaks of your favorite sitcom!
Though the workout can be small and quick, make sure you feel the burn so that you can know that your muscles are being worked. Remember, getting started can be the smallest thing. All it takes is that first baby step to change your life.