Something to be Thankful for

I never have used drugs or seriously abused my body, but i haven't always remembered to be grateful for having a well functioning set of organs and limbs.
How often do we abuse the privilege of health by living unhealthily? How often do we take for granted that we can walk, move and function without the aid of technology? Few of us have to strap on an artificial limb, or climb into a wheel chair to get around. We can walk, run, dance, and play without a care in the world. But instead of showing or gratitude for what we have by using what we have; we sit around and waste the gifts we are so fortunate to possess.
I remember a time in my life when I completely lost the ability to use my body. Blinking was impossible, even my lungs were having trouble functioning. I didn't even have the ability to talk without some assistance.
(See the very first entry, April 2011, for more about this experience)
It's strange how we forget to be grateful until we have lost it. I found myself feeling grateful for the smallest things: shifting when I'm in an uncomfortable position, lifting a fork with one hand, whistling, and even saying simple sounds like the letter "P".
After recovering I realized how important a functioning body is and I promised myself to keep it healthy. If i didn't I might as well have just stayed atrophying in the hospital. Sports and exercise are a celebration of the wonders of the human body, and I planned to live my life celebrating and gratitude.
Remember, as unhealthy as you may feel, you still can find something to be grateful for. It may be the ability to move your head, blink, or sit up. It may be the simple fact that we have a heart that beats and we can experience and feel each new second in our lives.
In this season of gratitude don't forget to experience the gifts you have been given. When given a gift the best way to show our appreciation is to use it. We know a child appreciates a new toy when he plays with it. Show how much you are thankful for your body by using the most of it!