Simply Change Your Life

This video was shown in one of my psychology classes. You'll enjoy this funny skit. If changing was that easy, I'd be looking for second career because therapists would be making minimum wage. Here is my response to it:

“Forget and forgive”
“Live and let live”
“Get over it”
“If it’s bad just quit”
“Don’t think that way”
Each is a saying so simple to say
Yet the tongues not in turmoil often forget
This is often a task too soon to expect
Forgiving and living is not just a turn
It’s a process and time is required to learn
It’s not just a switch to turn off or on
Some of these changes are often life long
The body and mind takes time to change
Yet overnight results aren’t thought to be strange
Even if someone can change with speed
Others are slower and time’s all they need
If the change is a flash than it is probably not real
To change how you live and change how you feel
Start the step of the journey no matter how far
And work to improve who you are