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About XLR8 Fitness and Counseling (XLR8 Therapy)

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Top ten best worst ways to lose weight

With holiday meals sticking to our sides and new years resolutions still taking us to the gym remember that not every weight loss technique is a healthy one. Here are some of the unhealthiest ways to lose weight. Sadly few of them actually burn fat.

10. Over exercising
We all know that weight training is one of the fastest ways to burn calories and shed some pounds, but it has its limits. After a muscle has burned out during a weight lifting routine it needs 48 hours to recover. Some people forget this rule and stress the same muscles every single day. Guess what, much of the weight lost is your muscle. Over exercising can literally disintegrate your muscles.

9. Crash diets
One of the most common bad weight loss solutions. Many dubious and deceitful dieticians make millions through conning with their calorie control plans. Your body needs about 1200 calories a day just to function, any diet that promotes less is hurting the body.

8. Blood donations
In just one donation to your local Red Cross you can get rid of an entire liter of water weight. That’s 2.2 pounds in one visit. The problem is that the Red Cross will only suck your blood once every 8 weeks. But you could always leech yourself at home…

7. Sweat it off
A favorite among wrestlers incorporated through saunas, sweat suits, or a summer run in winter clothes. You could literally see the pounds drip off the body. The problem with this weight loss plan is that you gain it right back once you rehydrate. But it can be a risky temporary weight loss solution.

6. Gaining weight to lose it
Some stars do it, and a trainer or two has tried it. But gaining weight in order to lose some pounds is one of the unhealthiest things you can do. Once the body develops a fat cell, it doesn’t get rid of it… ever. If overweight once it is easier to become overweight again. It’s tragic enough that obesity is such a pandemic, but why do that to yourself on purpose?

5. Eating disorder:
Nothing gets rid of your dinner like sticking your finger down your throat. So what if it burns and destroys your esophagus, at least it’s not going straight to your hips. Better yet, don’t eat at all. Anorexia is the best way to lose weight in valuable organs and destroy muscle tissue. Sadly any eating when in an anorexic state cause the body to retain it as fat.

4. Virus hunting
If you can find a cougher or sneezer have them do it again in your face. Not only will the virus boost your immune system by creating antibodies, getting the flu raises your metabolism, and is a great appetite suppressant. That’s the best of both worlds! On top of that, if you get really sick not only would you be sweating off those extra pounds while shivering under your blanket, but the nausea and diarrhea will shed even more pounds.

3. Tape worm

Nothing like swallowing the long skinny slim covered parasite as part of your diet plan. Your knew little stomach friend eats the food for you. And you’ll always have the feeling of being full as this thing sits in your stomach. Just like gastric bypass!

2. Food poisoning
The ultimate cleanse that clears everything out at both ends. Nothing can cleanse the body like a feast of festering food. Eating rotten food forces your body to not only get rid of the once-edible object, but everything else as well. Side effects include cold sweats, fatigue, fever, and loss of consciousness. Just a reminder, eating or drinking poisons can result in hospitalization and possibly death.

In a matter of hours you could lose over half your body weight and not have to worry about gaining it back again! Doesn’t that sound good?
With everything else you can recover from a bad practice, but not amputating a limb. That puts it at number One.

Runner ups

“Body by meth” makes you look like a holocaust victim with the addiction.
Yes you lose weight and even fat cells but it doesn’t change any unhealthy habits.
Just pop the pregnancy pill and experience the artificial hormone levels of a lady in labor. Hormones taken by a healthy body causes unhealthy hormone levels.
The unbalancing shoes may burn an extra 5 calories during the day, but they also increase your risk of rolling your ankle while walking.
Electro belts
Don’t buy the gimmick that hooking up your stomach to a power outlet will give you six-pack abs. In order for electricity to actually work your muscles enough to build muscle the probes would burn through the skin.