About XLR8 Fitness and Counseling (XLR8 Therapy)

About XLR8 Fitness and Counseling (XLR8 Therapy)

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Imagine living in a world over run with sticky notes. But these sticky notes are only placed on other people. I can not put one on myself that says "Genius." and if someone puts a note on my forehead that said "Idiot" I could not take it off. Imagine looking in the mirror every day to see that everyone around me sees me as that label. I would begin to believe the notes.
Though our society doesn't deal with real labels, too many people think that they are qualified to be the ones with the sticky pad and pen.
For over six years I've worked with labeled kids. "I have ADHD," "I can't do this because i have aspergers," or "I have a learning disorder so this is too hard for me." People seem to define themselves and others by their perceived weaknesses not their strengths. How come when I give a kid homework they never tell me "I can do this i have all the capabilities of being successful despite my perceived weaknesses."
In some therapy group sessions they even force a label on a person "Hi I'm... and I'm an addict." Personally believe that the sessions would go much better if the addict said "Hi I'm ... and I'm a fighter."
It doesn't matter what weaknesses we are given. I've had students tell me they can't do an assignment because they have turrets, yet i look at the Unites States goalkeeper Tim Howard who is so successful even with this disorder.

Parents over labeling their kids curse them for life. I know parents who said all of their kids have ADHD, only one of which was diagnosed by a professional. Yet since the parents were now "pro" in ADHD they diagnosed themselves all the other children and they now all share medication for ADHD. Why do we always have to figure out what is wrong with people, and not just admit people are different in their own way?
Labels are dangerous, they destroy lives and sever friendships.
I have a friend who had a teacher tell him that he had ADD when he was in elementary school. The teacher had no right or training in diagnosis, but since she was a "professional" he believed it, and his grades kept dropping. His excuse for his poor grades: "I have ADD."
Just because a kid has a lot of energy it doesn't mean he is ADHD. Just because a child has an imaginary friend doesn't mean they have Dis-associative Identity Disorder or schizophrenia.
Receiving some of the education of a physical therapist, I've learned that not even they or personal trainers can label an injury, even if it appears as obvious as broken bone. Doctor are the only ones given authority to label an injury. Psychologists and therapists are the only ones authorized to label a thought, mood, or personality disorder. Teacher, parents, relatives, friends, or neighbors have no right to label people in such a way. They are not qualified and it doesn't matter what possible symptoms are observed- THEY ARE WRONG!
Jesus was severely labeled during His earthly ministry. Labeling was a method to dissuade people from listening to His message; after all he was just the "carpenter's son." Even more labels fell on those who he taught. He walked among people labeled "sinners."

We can all be labeled as sinners, mentally unstable, and addicts. There isn't a person on earth who doesn't show signs of a disorder. So how do we have any right to point a finger at someone else? Even these truthful labels can change, because we are not titles engraved in stone. We are changing and can be different from one day to the next. Though we are all given weaknesses its through those that we find our strengths. Sinners can become prophets, the diagnosed can be geniuses, weaknesses can become strengths, labels can disappear...