Unhealthy Defensiveness

I didn’t think obesity was such a controversial topic.  I thought science proved the health risks of being overweight.  I thought that news was clears that the obesity epidemic was America’s biggest killer.  I thought obesity was understood like smoking.  Even those who smoke know the health risks of puffing packs day by day.  I thought people where familiar with and accepted the same risks about obesity.  I was wrong.
I gave a presentation about exercise to some obese members of society… and I was completely rejected.  I don’t know if it was a guilty conscious or that people didn’t want to hear about being thin from a thin(ish) guy.  No one participated; my attempts at humor could not even smack a small smile through scowling faces.  I couldn’t get hands to rise for questions or comments even if I bribed them for participation.  I think I was a step short of getting tomatoes thrown at me for speaking such offensive sacrilege. 
I wasn’t confronting or pointing out peoples large sizes.  I was just talking about exercise and what motivates people to adhere to an exercise routine.  I explained that if your only goal is to change your body you might be lacking the motivation to continue.  The key to sticking to an exercise program is enjoying the workout.  I guess they didn’t enjoy hearing that.
Working as a drug counselor I don’t have a problem telling heavy addicts about how drugs are destroying their life.  Even the heaviest addicts don’t complain about what I’m saying.  They understand that I am trying to save their life.  Drugs and obesity are America’s Most wanted Mass murderers.  I’m trying to slow their deadly rampage.
There are many members of society who function and are successful even with their secret pill popping, drinking, or smoking use.  There are many prominent individuals who can function fine with hundreds of extra pounds.  But statistically speaking they are shortening their life.  They are putting themselves at risk for everything from depression to heart attacks.  Does that mean someone who smokes is guaranteed to get lung cancer?  No.  Does that mean someone who is obese is guaranteed to drop dead from chest pain? No.  But it is more likely to happen because of the lifestyle they are living and you can only roll the dice for so long until you get snake eyes.
You can be happy with whatever lifestyle you chose.  I cannot tell anyone how to be happy.  That is an answer only found in your own heart.  But I hope to help people live happier longer; to live a life without regrets.  To be happy without sadness slashing in the shadows.  If you are happy than why take the risk of having your joy cut short because of poor health?  A little bit of discomfort to get healthy can translate into years of smiles.
I know that going through any change is uncomfortable.  I’m here to make it easier.  I’m here to educate. I’m here to help.  I’m here for you.   I don’t judge someone on how they look or what they have done.  I see potential and hope you fulfill yours.  We can beat the odds and we can succeed if we don’t slap away a helping hand.