Brain Damage

Sometimes we are stupid.  Sometimes our stupidity gets so out of control that we need an intervention.  Small at first, but as our mind goes more mental our body intervenes more and more.
Our body warns us not to eat something with our basic senses.  Something may not look, smell, feel, taste, or sound right.  But our minds can be persistently problematic.  So the intervention increases.  It sends the mind a little bit of pain or augmented annoyance.  But our mind sometimes doesn’t get the message and distances itself from the discomfort.
But our mind continues to make multiple mistakes even when our body is stepping up the discomfort.  So it increases the intensity.  The pain perpetuates, an upset stomach turns into nausea.  The body begins to warn the mind that if it continues to do damage to itself that it will be forced to take control.
As clear as what the body is trying to say, our mind misinterprets, misunderstands, or just completely misses the message.  Just before the body takes action it has one last thing to say: “Don’t say I didn’t warn you!”  And then it sends the body into shock.  Nausea turns into vomiting, pain becomes unbearable, sadness becomes misery.  The body is trying to tell the mind that what it has done is a problem and needs to stop.
If the problem continues, as control ventures to uncontrollability, then the body completely steps in.  The body can’t trust the mind to take care of it so it shuts it down.  Consciousness is lost as the body tries to fix the body by itself.  Only after it has recovered enough from what the mind has done to it does it give some control back to it.  Slowly our mind is given power again in hope that it has learned its lesson.  Too often our mind hasn’t taken in the message and it soon starts all over again.
Still wondering what I’m talking about?  Bill Cosby gives a great example of it: