About XLR8 Fitness and Counseling (XLR8 Therapy)

About XLR8 Fitness and Counseling (XLR8 Therapy)

  What is XLR8 Fitness and Counseling On top of regular talk therapy, XLR8 Fitness and Counseling specialized in incorporating physical fitn...

Time is of the Essence

Time is a money.  We earn it and we spend it. We often throw away and waste chunks of it throwing away minutes to hours at a time.  We prioritize what we can use it for.  Sometimes we think we are spending time on one thing but end up spreading our time too thin to properly invest it into our lives.  You work so much but forget to eat.  But by not eating you affect your work.  To use your time wisely at work, you need to be healthy.
How can you spend your time more wisely?  How can you improve your job, social life, and even rest? Investing a little time back into yourself.  Don't fall for the quantity over quality trap.  Yes you may be working all day, but if you want to make it less miserable give some time for yourself.  Get healthy and every aspect of your life will improve.
I hear said again and again that they don't have time to exercise.  Time is what you make of it.  We make time for everything else during our day.  If we are the authors of our next 24 hours, than why can't we change  a few minutes of our lives?  Make some time, mix your time, match your time to how you want it to be.  a little time for yourself will improve time everywhere else.  Why spend time miserably?  If your work is dragging you down, don't let yourself drown, do something to fight it.  If you don't, you may just run out of time and may be too late (see http://www.xlr8therapy.com/2011/04/too-late.html).

Now the best way to burn calories in a short amount of time is to pump some iron.  I took on a challenge to see how many calories a person can burn in the shortest amount of time.  We burn about 100 calories for each mile we run.  If I wanted to burn 500 calories I would need to run for about an hour.  The following workout I developed will burn 600 calories in 20 minutes.
This is an intense calisthenic total body workout designed for extreme athletes.  The harder you work the harder your heart beats, so if you attempt this workout, monitor your heart rate and take a break to lower it if needed.

Equipment required:
Medicine Ball
Pull up bar