Why Would a Father of Three with a Master’s Degree Leave it all to go Play Soldier?

More soldiers die at home than they do in a combat zone.  That needs to change.  22 soldier complete suicide every day.  That needs to change.  Even with my experience and my degree I am not able to help those who kept our country safe.  That needs to change.
No one deserves our help more than a soldier who has fought to keep us safe at home. But for those who I want to help the most, I felt like I was helping the least.   I want to do everything I can to help deserving soldiers to not become a late casualty of war.  I feel I cannot help those who need it most while I am just a civilian.
As a civilian I do not speak the same language as a soldier.  I do not know the acronyms and abbreviations.  I would frustrate an already frustrated individual as they are forced to “dumb down” every experience because I do not know that lifestyle.  To be a good therapist I know that I do not need to have personally experienced everything my clients’ go through.  But I also know that becoming a soldier will help me in developing more empathy for the struggling soldier.
Soldier have trained and pushed to get their bodies to excel.  That training ignited a spark of determination and confidence that might have been lost underneath the waves of the tides of war.  I feel that my therapeutic tool Cognitive Physical Conditioning (CPC) can help reignite that fire and help a vet improve their life.
I offer a fitness program that military insurance can pay for.  I want to provide veterans better access to Mental Health treatment, physical health, and even employment.  I want to help improve the lives of veterans and I don’t want to have any roadblocks that make it more difficult for veterans to get this help.  By becoming a soldier I feel I can provide the most help.
I do not love any less any client who comes to me for help.  Young or old, male or female, veteran or civilian; I will do all in my power to help those I can.  I feel trained and qualified to assist almost anyone I meet -- Accept for military veterans.  That needs to change. 

And so I will.  I know military training and experience will sculpt and strengthen me.  I really want to make a difference in this world and I felt like I couldn't do that if there were people I would have to turn away.  Joining the military will allow me to help more people in more places.  I will be able to get more experience and will be prepared for more situations.  As the Army motto states “Always Forward” which I want to do for myself and for everyone I can have the privilege to help.