About XLR8 Fitness and Counseling (XLR8 Therapy)

About XLR8 Fitness and Counseling (XLR8 Therapy)

  What is XLR8 Fitness and Counseling On top of regular talk therapy, XLR8 Fitness and Counseling specialized in incorporating physical fitn...


So what is EMOSHA?
EMOSHA is short for emotional shaping.  We have the strength to control how we feel and the power to mold our emotions.
EMOSHA is a specialized exercise program that not only improves the body, it improves the mind.  Regular exercise causes our bodies to change so that they can better perform the exercise.  Our bodies become more efficient and healthier.  By incorporating Cognitive Physical Conditioning (CPC), EMOSHA targets these changes – especially the changes that improve the mind – to literally heal and strengthen both body and mind from infirmities caused by stress and trauma.  EMOSHA takes these mind improving techniques of CPC and applies it in a fun and challenging class.
                EMOSHA is not like any other fitness class out there.  You will not experience the same thing every time you show up to sweat in EMOSHA.  EMOSHA teaches you how to use exercise to improve your mind.  Since everyone’s preference in exercise may be different, EMOSHA teaches how to use those preferences to help your head.  That is the one constant with EMOSHA: how to help the body help the mind.
EMOSHA fitness classes incorporate calisthenic and plyometric exercises to help improve the strength and stamina of our body.  Participants will sweat doing push-ups, crunches, and lunges.  They will jump and sprint and enjoy discovering how far and fast they can push their body.  Each class will be different to continue to challenge the participants and improve performance.
But not only will EMOSHA unlock their body’s potential, it will unleash the power of their mind.  Just like other group fitness classes, EMOSHA has breaks to allow the participants to catch their breath, drink water, and settle a racing heartbeat.  But during these breaks focus will be put on strengthening the mind and how to use the mental strength and resilience to improve the performance of the exercises being done.  If a participant is worried or struggling with stress or emotions, these issues will be addressed and processed throughout the exercise session.  The exercises will target these struggles and help to relieve these issues.
Every EMOSHA group is ran by a licensed mental health counselor who is trained in CPC.  Because this improves the mind and is run by a therapist this allows the class to potentially be covered by insurance.

EMOSHA is not only for struggles and problems in your life.  EMOSHA is also about prevention and strengthening.  You don’t always have to show up to an EMOSHA class with a problem.  EMOSHA teaches resiliency to prevent any cognitive problems from occurring.

Upcoming EMOSHA classes: 
EMOSHA for kids ages 4-6. 
EMOSHA for Vets and Soldiers

Potential EMOSHA classes (email me if you are interested in having a group like this):
EMOSHA for elementary age kids
EMOSHA for teenagers
EMOSHA for Adults