About Us

What is XLR8 Fitness and Counseling

On top of regular talk therapy, XLR8 Fitness and Counseling specialized in incorporating physical fitness to improve mental health.  As part of therapy, you learn how to exercise for your emotions.  Since exercise stresses the body to improve and adapt, it can help to heal the brain and reduce disorders like depression, anxiety, and even PTSD -- reducing the risk for suicide and unhealthy coping mechanisms.  Bottom line: this program can save lives.

What We Offer

Regular talk therapy:  Talk therapy at XLR8 can focus on any issue, including: weight loss, trauma, relapse, emotional struggles, etc.
Combination fitness/therapy: Take the session outside the office and into a gym, on a court, or out to the field.  Contact us for more information.
Personal Training: Our personal trainers work closely with the therapist to create one of the most effective training program on the market.  Click on the Personal Training tab up top for more information.
Groups and Classes: Some classes focus more on fitness, others more on the mind, but they are all a great place to improve your body and mind with others!  Click on groups up above for more details.
Fitness sponsorship/partnerships:  We work to establish partnerships with fitness organizations around the community.  For qualifying individuals, we can pay for your preferred fitness activity while you are enrolled in therapy.  If you are wanting to get started in a new fitness program, inquire about our current partners, or we can reach out for you!


Despite the rise of fitness facilities by 18% in the past six years, obesity has continued to increase by 8% in the same time.  The quantity of care is not making the difference.  XLR8 Fitness offers a higher quality of treatment to decrease body fat %.  Studies have shown that the most effective treatment to counter an unhealthy lifestyle is through changing the mind along with the body.  Not only are people significantly more likely to succeed in their fitness goals and lose more weight, they are also 28% more likely to keep the weight off.  Obese people are 55% more likely to develop depression and depressed people are 58% more likely of becoming obese.  This co-morbidity cannot be treated by only going to the gym or only through counseling.  XLR8 Fitness offers an integrative approach to improve treatment; accelerating success and reducing relapse.

What Customers are saying
·       “XLR8 Fitness is self-empowerment.”
·       “It is the only thing that has given me hope in fighting my disorder.”
·       “Finally a real solution without the negative side-effects of medication.”

·       "We have noticed a big difference in our child's behavior since coming to the [EMOSHA] group... He has been in therapy before and we have never seen so much change so quickly."

XLR8 Staff

Nathan Pond, CMHC
Owner, Mental Health Therapist, Personal Trainer
Nate is an Clinical Mental Health Counselor with experience as a therapist at multiple counseling and treatment centers, both outpatient and inpatient.  Nate graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Psychology at Utah Valley University.  He continued his education at Argosy University and graduated with his Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling.  Nate has been a therapist in inpatient residential settings, substance abuse centers, therapeutic ranch, wilderness therapy, and outpatient counseling centers.  He specializes in behavior therapy, is trained in play therapy, certified in EMDR, and has worked with clients as young as two to as old as ninety.  He has also been a presenter for Fight the New Drug (pornography), and multiple other fitness and psychology expos.
Nate is a certified personal trainer and has multiple different coaching licenses with over ten years experience working as a trainer and fitness coach.  He has clients across the country and has implemented exercise programs at multiple therapeutic treatment facilities.  He is the creator of a therapeutic tool called Cognitive Physical Conditioning (CPC) that incorporates physical exercises to assist in the treatment of mental health issues.  This evidence-based program helps the body to heal from hormone and neuro-chemical imbalances caused by a disorder.  Using the concepts of CPC he has created an exciting therapeutic fitness class called EMOSHA.
Nate has always been a fitness enthusiast.  He played college soccer all four years of college and was a captain for three of those years.  He has set NCAA records in goalkeeping, was voted as player of the year in 2010, and even had opportunities to tryout professionally. 
He also loves archery, writing, and being outdoors spending time with his wife and three sons.

"I have been told that I am a really easy person to talk to and I try to create a relaxed atmosphere in therapy.  I enjoy helping people find their own strengths to solve problems. I have years of experience working with little kids using play therapy.  I have over a decade's experience working with teenagers.  Most of my schooling was done to work with adults.  I even have military experience to work with veterans.  But I also always strive to find and use the best methods to improve your success."