Gym Memberships

We are excited to announce the opening of the XLR8 gym in West Jordan!  This is a small personal gym which means, that the time you schedule your time in the gym, no one else can come at that time.

The XLR8 personal gym advantages over a big box gym:
  •  Play what music you want.  Watch what shows you want
  • Wear what you want
  • No one staring, talking, grunting, banging weights, or critiquing your workout.
  • Never have to wait for equipment to open up
  • Never worry about crowds
  • Workout how you want without worry of being judged, filmed, or degraded.
The XLR8 personal gym advantages over a home gym:
  •  No at-home distractions (i.e. kids, chores, noises, electronics, etc.)
  • State of the art equipment
  • Expert support
  • A place to exercise alone.
 With the XLR8 gym you get a better, more focused workout in less the time as it would take waiting through the distractions and crowds at a large gym!

Below is the monthly charges per weekly time.  

Weekday schedule
·         1:00am-5:00am: $15/month/weekly hour
·         6:00am: $20/month/weekly hour
·         7:00am-11am: $30/month/weekly hour
·         12:00pm-2pm: $20/month/weekly hour
·         3:00pm: $30/month/weekly hour
·         4:00pm-8:00pm: $40/month/weekly hour
·         9:00pm: $30/month/weekly hour
·         10:00pm-midnight: $20/month/weekly hour

Weekend end Schedule
·         Saturday 6:00am-midnight: $30/month/weekly hour
·         Sunday 6:00am-midnight: $20/month/weekly hour
·         12:00am-5:00am: $15/month/weekly hour

Pricing example: If you schedule one hour on Tuesday at 9:00 am (which is a $30 time slot), and another hour on Friday at 1:00 pm (which is a $20 time slot), your total bill for the month will be $50 for a weekly gym attendance every Monday at 9:00 am and Friday at 1:00 pm.  

Contact us for availability and to reserve your spot by emailing us at: