Personal Training

For those who live in or around Utah county, you can have me come to your home, gym, or business. We can lead you through your personalized routine and explain in person any question or concerns that may arise.  This is a unique opportunity to incorporate an Cognitive Physical Conditioning (CPC) exercise program to help improve the mind with the body.  Utilizing a trainer can help give motivation and can push the athlete more than they would push themselves. With a trainer involved in the exercise the progress is ACCELERATED!

We can help you:
With exercising to improve your mind
With workouts to better both mind and body
With ways to improve your Body

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Meet the Personal Trainers:

Austin-Arlo Doyle

Arlo is a certified personal trainer with XLR8 Fitness and Counseling.

He works with clients to devise individualized workout plans to help them meet their fitness goals. Aside from being a NASM certified personal trainer, Arlo is also a Behavior Change Specialist.

After being injured on his last deployment. His 12+ year career in the military came to an end when he was medically discharged.  For years his physical and mental injuries made it difficult for him to engage in physical activity of any kind.  At the strong urging of his physical therapist he began running again.  About this same time his wife also began her fitness journey, so they embarked on getting stronger and healthier together.  It did not take him long to see what a difference consistent exercise made in his life, contributing to his ability to handle his TBI and PTSD. 

He became passionate about using and encouraging others to use exercise as a means of helping manage different mental and physical ailments. This led him to becoming a certified personal trainer. 

When Arlo is not working out, he enjoys spending time with his wife, three children and houseful of animals.  He and his wife enjoy traveling for pleasure and to engage in fitness activities.  He also really enjoys Hard Rock and can often be found at a concert.

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