New Year New gyms!

Not only do we have a new gym in Provo, but we have completely redone our and improve our West Jordan gym to provide the best workout possible!

Come and check out a  gym closest to you!

West Jordan


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Service adjustments due to the Corona Virus

Due to the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, XLR8 Therapy has been forced to adjust some of our policies and services.  Not all of these changes are bad, and we are excited to announce some exciting new programs to help even while quarantined and other fitness programs are not open.

What is not changing:

  • Individual talk therapy can continue as normal.  Accommodations can be made for those who are not able to attend in person, which include video or phone sessions.
  • Personal training is still available at our gym

The loses (Temporarily until further notice):

  • All Groups have been cancelled
  • The sports sponsorship program has been suspended for any sports or fitness class that has been cancelled. (in home video-chat personal training might be a possible alternative)
  • Play therapy has been suspended.

The Wins:

  • Gym memberships are now available at our West Jordan location! Click Here for More information
  • Video chat and telephone counseling sessions are now available for anyone in Utah.
  • Video chat personal training is available at our West Jordan gym or can also be available at your home!